By the time

By the time Besides, he does not get on with contemporaries and therefore feels the isolated.

By the time of achievement of teenage age he already suffers from serious behavioural and emotional frustration.

MAT A few years ago one fine day I went for baseball competitions in which my son Dale took part.

I recognized Mat, the team player of opponents.

It and his parents consulted at me this year.

In thirteen years he suffered from violation of perception and became a thunderstorm of all the district.

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To you it is necessary

To you it is necessary To you it is necessary to be constant on the alert that, using all opportunities, to teach the teenager to do the correct conclusions.

The ordinary teenager, as a rule, cannot think abstractly at least till fifteen years, and only from this age he starts studying it.

Therefore teenagers of younger and middle age are often sure that parents are wrong or ignorant of something; later, when process of thinking becomes more mature and the teenager finds ability to argue abstractly, he starts understanding the parents and to respect their opinions.

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Prepare the following

Prepare the following Bathing in a tray.

Before beginning bathing, be convinced that you prepared all necessary.

If you forget a towel, you should follow it with the wet child on hands.

Do not forget to remove hours.

Put on an apron not to wet a dress.

Prepare the following subjects: soap any not alkaline, a rag or vatu, a towel, vatu to clean a nose and the child's ears if there is a need, oil or powder if you use them, baby's undershirts, diapers.

It is possible to bathe the child in the enameled basin or in a tray.

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I advised

I advised To them arrived to live the cousin of Tim, his agemate, very exacting and loud boy who absolutely killed the meek creature Tim.

Tim so suffered from an impact of the brother who was completely suppressing it that was depressed, became isolated so that sometimes for days on end with anybody did not communicate.

I advised to pay, of course, close attention to both boys, but separately.

However the brother still continued to dominate over Tim when boys were together sharply.

Then, following my advice, parents found the following a getout.

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Sometimes Yes, I with them was tender and friendly, I liked to play, have a good time with them.

Sometimes I even spoke with them about some personal problems, but only for the purpose of development of their intelligence, but not for own benefit, not to shift to them the problems.

I did not forget that I am their father and it is necessary for them that I was authority for them, sending them to lives that it was on kogoravnyatsya.

If I ceased to carry out the father's duties and would not set them an example, however, as well as Pat after all she too had to be for them a sample, my children would not be happy.

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