They were

They were Meanwhile Yvonne was the attractive, clever, talented woman accurately and clearly stating the thoughts, but it was, seemingly, more pleasant to John to concentrate only on her shortcomings.

They were married six years.

Why such obvious injustice and inconstancy?

When you reflect on the astronomical growth of number of stains, it is difficult to present that actually the majority newly married at the beginning of family life are full of optimistic hopes, grandiose plans and ardent love.

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And to many

And to many We often compare children, without understanding that comparison does not make sense here: the child simply treats this or that group.

And to many children this act of their comparison with others seeming such innocent can do harm.

Parents who operate the children, leaning on their sense of guilt, work in the worst way.

Quite so Julia's parents arrived.

And though it occurs inadvertently, in education such approach is the basic.

Children who make the first group, are so full of desire to give pleasure to another that it is easy to crush them.

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Let's leave

Let's leave The child according to three pictures makes offers.

Glory, firtree, squirrel.

Klava, doll, dress.

Danil, felttip pen, clown.

Ruslan, magazine, shelf.

Occupation result.


Let's leave the Elephant and the Little squirrel, let them play.

And our occupation came to an end.

You observed today how the Elephant went on a visit, and often helped him.

And what sound was the assistant at the Elephant?



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It is the hidden

It is the hidden Passive aggression is a distinguished form of aggression.

It is the hidden way to work against other people or to manipulate them to achieve the.

About people which behavior is characterized by passive aggression, sometimes say that they are strong the weakness because they resort to sideways to achieve the, to settle scores or to express about what they do not want to speak directly.

It is not so difficult to give definition passive aggressively to behavior at all, and here hardly to reveal it to us, to parents, it is necessary to remember that not differently the bad behavior is manifestation of passive aggression.

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Chronic Begin with teaspoons in hour evening feeding.

If it is not enough, increase amount of mashed potatoes from prunes to teaspoons or even more.

Some children from juice from prunes have spasms, but most of children well drink it and acquire.

Chronic lock.

This dysfunction of intestines seldom happens at children is more senior, especially, if their food includes porridges from grain of a rough grinding, vegetables and fruit.

If the child has a lock, do not try to treat him independently as you do not know that caused it.

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Thus you will

Thus you will Before giving a small bottle to the child, cool it to body temperature.

If you have no refrigerator.

Boil each small bottle with milk before the feeding.

For this purpose put a small bottle with milk about a pan with hot water and boil minutes.

Then cool to body temperature and give to the child.

Thus you will secure the child against disorder of digestion.

How to feed from a pacifier The first few days after the birth.

Usually the child is fed the first time in hours after the birth though it is possible earlier if it is obviously hungry.

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