But owing

But owing The father can be disappointed that from his son the athlete and the fighter did not turn out, mother can regret that he badly studies.

Of course, parents perfectly understand that the child cannot precisely correspond to their wishes.

But owing to the human nature they can feed with nothing the equaled hopes and will be disappointed if these hopes are not realized.

The child of advanced age can remind someone from relatives who made to us a lot of evil in due time.

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We have

We have The person is not born with ability to cope with the anger.

We, parents, have to take care of that our children when they grow up, had this ability.

We have to teach them to express the feelings verbally, without allowing flashes in the form of any behavioural acts, and the main thing to teach them not to direct irritation in itself, differently over time they will turn into passive and aggressiveminded adults.

The angry person cannot be active.

He is not able to accept any authorities, including and spiritual.

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But well

But well Use this situation to touch his hand, to stroke on a back.

But well knowing the teenager, you have to feel how long he will be able to perceive it.

Sometimes the teenager quietly treats physical contact, and sometimes he is simply not able to take out your touches.

During such periods of rejection it is necessary to make physical contact, only when the teenager is keen on something and will not notice it.

Even if his consciousness will not record your touch, it will be postponed in subconsciousness and subsequently will help it to feel the sure: Yes, mine mother and the father love me and are not indifferent to me, even when it is difficult for me to communicate with them.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Your speech has to be a sample for imitation.

Basis of training is development of perception formation of abilities to listen attentively to the speech, to understand its contents, and also to concentrate, be adjusted on perception of the speech.

It is necessary to remember the rule: It is impossible to speak in space.

Is useless to speak until the child was adjusted on perception of the speech.

At early age only positive evaluation of the work of children is given.

Call each child on a name and praise it.

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I think, there

I think, there Schooling methods.

I think, there cannot be only the correct method to accustom the child to ask on a pot.

That turns out at one parents, can not turn out at others, and, of course, that that is suitable for one child, can be harmful to another.

At any method there can be failures.

The main thing to define your own relation to a problem, the nobility as differently children react to this or that method, to wait for signs of readiness of the child for this type of training and then to use an encouragement method, but not censures.

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Softness Children knew that their leader was afflicted.

They saw it on his face.

And it should behave softly.

Softness does not mean weakness.

Softly means only constraining the forces or keeping them in store.

Christ was allpowerful, but He always constrained the force.

Quite so it is necessary to communicate with teenagers.

On our party force and they know it, but we should not use it.

As you can see, putting it on use, we get nothing as does not remain the reasons any more to respect us.

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