They scoop

They scoop In your house children acquire the main vital values.

They scoop information not only from this that you speak, but also and from the untold.

As an example they use not only that you do, but also that leave left unfinished.

In your house children learn how much they mean to you, to God and for themselves.

Please, help the children to learn that for you they are invaluable.

Prove them it in word and deed.

Direct all efforts to fill their emotional capacity.

What is the anger?

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Visual and physical

Visual and physical Only if your teenager really feels like certainly darling, you will be able to make on it due impact.

Speak to it about the love, but besides he has to see and feel your love in practice, in acts and behavior, about what I already to a govorilransha.

Visual and physical contacts have to enter your daily communication with children.

But it is necessary that it occurred naturally, freely, here it is impossible to be false, change.

The child or the teenager who grew up in the house where there were such relations and contacts always to budetchuvstvovat themselves comfortably as alone, and in the company of people.

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The shape

The shape Learning to stand and go, the child exercises the muscles helping to create the foot arch see the following section.

The shape of feet depends on several factors, including heredity and existence of rickets a softening of bones from a lack of vitamin D.

At some children of a foot are bent and in the absence of rickets.

Especially well wellfad and active, strong children are subject to it.

But, if at the child it is tended to bend feet and thus he will get sick with rickets, curvature of feet develops especially quickly and in strong degree.

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It starts

It starts And does not come to its mind that can be differently.

Now it for it an important component of maternal love and care.

If mother unexpectedly ceases to feed him, he will take offense and will become angry.

It can eat days at all, and it is more, than any mother can sustain.

It starts over again to feed him, but he already nursed on it a grievance.

When mother once again tries to force it to eat independently, he understands the force and its weakness.

The twoyearold child has to as soon as possible learn to eat independently.

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The father

The father It is very important that at this time for the child there was a good leaving.

When mother brings the child home.

Usually return comes from maternity hospital very sumatoshno.

The father fusses, trying to help, mother was tired, her thoughts are occupied by the newborn, and the senior child stands apart, feeling like all left.

And so it is what, this new child!

If you assume that so it also will be, it is better to send the senior child to this time for any excursion if it is possible.

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But watch

But watch But it does not mean that it is impossible to play with the child, bringing up him to a sitting position, or to put it on knees, or in a carriage to enclose a pillow that the child sat in inclined situation under a back.

But watch that the back and a neck of the child were straightened.

To the child harmfully long to remain in the hunched situation.

High armchair.

It is very convenient if the child eats behind a table d'hote.

But children often fall from them.

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