The doctor

The doctor It is difficult to reach its back pass and besides his feet are in such situation that they can always hit mother on a hand unintentionally or purposely.

Let you be not disturbed by a small difference in two the three tenth degree.

The doctor is interested in approximate temperature.

It is better to take temperature in the first half of morning and then at o'clock in the afternoon.

Following question: how many days it is necessary to take the child's temperature.

Here is how sometimes happens.

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Though the sociopathy

Though the sociopathy As the passive and aggressive behavior the worst of ways of expression of anger was told above.

Though the sociopathy including premeditated murders, much worse.

But among teenagers it meets very seldom because it already pathology, and is not considered in this chapter.

Slightly better when the person does not control the behavior at all, being in a rage attack, destroys everything around and/or is aggressive in relation to people around.

It looks awful, but nevertheless the passive and aggressive behavior is worse.

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However What it is possible to tell about the spiritual party of the personality Deniza?

Being the teenager, she went to church, visited youth groups and accepted Jesus Christ as Christ Redeemer.

She was the approximate child but when went to school of the second step, refused to continue the spiritual training, having counted him as children's toys.

However she still continued to visit church because wanted a praise from the parents, and they wanted that the daughter went there.

We have to not only care carefully of spiritual life of children, components these percent, but also not to forget about their emotional, physical and psychological health.

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She tests

She tests The girl keeps a little apart, does not hurry to join in conversation; looks at mother very ironically, on her sobbing and exclamations fastidiously screws up the face.

From conversation I learn: the girl suffers from frustration of mood.

And, above all, it is very heavy to it to happen in public.

She tests the strong tension and asthma every time when comes to occupations to institute; and it is especially difficult to pass examinations.

It nevertheless overcomes these difficulties; gets on well at all subjects and behaves so that neither teachers, nor students of her sufferings do not notice: it is extremely reserved, correct and benevolent with strangers.

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Only loving, we can help

Only loving, we can help Only this way it is possible to develop selfesteem in the child.

Only in this case we will be able to reduce quantity of cases of illegitimate pregnancy among teenage girls.

Yes, it really key to the solution of this problem.

Only loving, we can help our children to become integral persons.

We cannot close an eye to any aspects of their life and think that children will find a way out.

The purpose of my book to tell parents as they can help the child to become the personality that, maturing, he inherited their spiritual priorities.

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You not simply

You not simply Together with it as if the support of all its world falls.

And that it is more surprising as many parents keep a family for the sake of children and plan to divorce as soon as those leave the house.

It is extremely silly.

You not simply cut the grass from under feet the teenager, you strike blow just when he desperately tries to get used to new life, new friends, etc.

In most cases as a result of it on the young man the fault goes a heavy burden.

As if strangely it sounded, but they feel responsible that happened, for unsuccessful marriage or for divorce.

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