Such children

Such children Apathy has two most terrible consequences a depression and crime.

Indifferent to all surrounding, teenagers easily become the victims of the disgraceful people exploiting them.

Such children are especially subject to influence of those who not in frets with the law.

As a result society becomes more and more embittered, and the irritation of people sometimes goes not only against youth authorities, but also against the authorities.

For democratic society where safety relies on trust and feeling of a personal responsibility, it can be dangerous.

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Time when

Time when But, if openings are too small, the child will be tired and in general will refuse to suck.

Openings in a nipple have to be such size that the child exhausted the portion of milk in minutes, at least in the first six months.

Time when he really sucks means; intervals when he has a rest, are not considered.

If your so strong child that exhausts the portion of milk in minutes even through a new pacifier, buy blind nipples, i.


nipples without openings, and do openings the heated needle see section .

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In each

In each As well protsentnik can be in any point of a curve, and his attitude towards authority can fluctuate from easy rejection before revolt.

In each person his attitude towards authority is put.

It is line of the personality with which he is born.

The attitude towards authority can be somewhat changed by an environment and education of the child, but the main tendency will prevail all the same.

This division is not connected in any way with diverse types of the personality which are so briskly discussed in certain circles today.

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As today

As today When it occurs, the parishioner finds wrong motives for the desire to serve God.

It puts itselfhimself above authority, that is the pastor, and undermines Christian service of the pastor and church in general.

As today this phenomenon gains more and more wide circulation, we need spiritually mature Christians having clear thinking capable to protect the main service of church from intervention of superconscientious passive and aggressive Christians.

Remember how pupils Jacob and Ioann approached Jesus with a request for special favor?

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Wrong representation

Wrong representation Due to the seduction problem many parents test also the additional fears connected with homosexuality.

Wrong representation is widespread that manifestation of too big love of mother to the daughter or the father to the son can result in homosexuality, but actually all just the opposite.

Working at school as the psychiatrist and the psychotherapist, I often hear how teachers express concern about it.

The teacher somehow asked me: Dr.


I so awfully love the daughter that very often I kiss her, and even sometimes on the lips.

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Why to both

Why to both It has too suppressed mood to start family life.

Why to both of you not to wait behind a door until I have a talk with Linda, I offered.

In the corner of the room of expectation, having shriveled on a chair, Linda sat.

Seventeenyearold and pregnant.

Having approached it, I asked: Whether you will come to me?

And why is also not present?

After all they for this purpose here brought me.

Having sat down on a chair in my office, she told, having frowned: I do not see any I pound from my arrival here.

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