Next time

Next time I with pleasure would spank it properly!

It was also not going to carry out the threats, but she was not ashamed to admit such thoughts to people around and herself.

It became easier for it when she openly introduced the ideas.

Next time she will try to stop resolutely the child when he starts behaving badly.

The parents seeking to be faultless, probably, do not assume thought that the human patience is not boundless, and consider that should not dare to become angry.

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And with

And with There is it or during the crisis periods of life, or in a stressful situation.

And with teenagers, it is clear, more often than with others.

Thirst of recognition and love of people around, aspiration to be in the public eye, in the center of attention, contrast of emotions, ekzaltirovannost and some redundancy of experiences and feelings whether is attributes of true feminity?

However disproportion, inadequacy of similar emotions, characteristic for isteroidny accentuation, turned my patient into a general laughingstock, made the victim of some kind of school hazing.

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They hallooed

They hallooed Girls came to the wood, began to pick berries a tree for a tree, a bush for a bush, Snegurushka and lagged behind the girlfriends.

They hallooed it, hallooed, but Snegurushka did not hear.

Began to darken, girlfriends went home.

And Snegurushka went, went on the wood, absolutely got lost.

She understood that there was in the wood one, climbed on a tree, took seat on a branch and began to cry bitterly, in clover: Ay, hey, Snegurushka!

Hey, hey, my dear!

At the grandfather, at the grandmother There was a granddaughter Snegurushka, Her girlfriends enticed into the wood, Enticed left!

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Scarlet fever, diphtheria, poliomyelitis

Scarlet fever, diphtheria, poliomyelitis But others continue with pleasure there are such products.

The mumps is shown in days after infection.

Scarlet fever, diphtheria, poliomyelitis Scarlet fever.

Usually it begins some of the following symptoms: throat inflammation, vomiting, high temperature, headache.

Rash usually develops in days, at first on warm, damp skin sites: in a groin, in axillary hollows, on a back if the child lay in such situation.

From some distance rash looks as uniform reddening but if to get accustomed, it is possible to see that it consists of red spots on the inflamed skin.

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Not so long

Not so long Then there will be no need for demonstration of your force and the power.

Not so long ago I listened to performance of one outstanding Christian figure about return of our children to a bosom of church.

When my daughter was five years old, it began, she did not wish to go to Sunday school in any certain dress.

So, you think, I made?

I pulled on it this dress and forced to go in it.

Then, it continued, when she was years old, and she decided, what she has no need to go more to Sunday school and church, you think how I coped with it?

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Occupation The child carries out on lines, one them which connects a kitten to the owner fig.


The kitten was delighted, began to run cheerfully round the girl: sha, shi, she, shu, sho.

The child says syllables with the corresponding intonation.

Occupation result.


A uvula with Masha continue the walk, and it is time for us to finish occupation.

And what Lea you so beautifully said today a sound on occupation?



Automation of a sound sh in syllables and words PURPOSES To fix an articulation and the isolated pronouncing a sound sh.

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