It is very

It is very When it is possible to cease to sterilize ware and milk for the child.

It is very important question and it is better to discuss it with your doctor.

In case it is impossible, I want to stop in this regard on some questions.

Four factors do necessary sterilization of ware and milk if you prepare milk for days: water may contain dangerous bacteria; bacteria can get to milk in the course of preparation; in the dairy environment of a bacterium breed very quickly, especially if milk is stored not in the refrigerator; small children are very subject to gastrointestinal diseases.

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It is satisfied

It is satisfied In such absolute justice there is no need: moreover, the aspiration to such justice will make attention and love of children tense.

The sincere love of parents for those qualities which are worthy love is necessary for each child.

It is satisfied if feels that holds a firm place in heart of parents, and then him does not disturb, what signs of attention and love brothers and sisters receive it.

But, eventually, it will always catch insincerity and stiffness in the relation to it of parents if it takes place.

The aspiration to absolute equality in the treatment of children will draw attention of each of them to the rights and will force the child to insist on them with persistence of the lawyer.

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By the time

By the time Besides, he does not get on with contemporaries and therefore feels the isolated.

By the time of achievement of teenage age he already suffers from serious behavioural and emotional frustration.

MAT A few years ago one fine day I went for baseball competitions in which my son Dale took part.

I recognized Mat, the team player of opponents.

It and his parents consulted at me this year.

In thirteen years he suffered from violation of perception and became a thunderstorm of all the district.

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