Occupation The child carries out on lines, one them which connects a kitten to the owner fig.


The kitten was delighted, began to run cheerfully round the girl: sha, shi, she, shu, sho.

The child says syllables with the corresponding intonation.

Occupation result.


A uvula with Masha continue the walk, and it is time for us to finish occupation.

And what Lea you so beautifully said today a sound on occupation?



Automation of a sound sh in syllables and words PURPOSES To fix an articulation and the isolated pronouncing a sound sh.

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If this

If this In the relations with contemporaries teenagers often have situations which force them to have sense of guilt or envy.

Unfortunately, most of teenagers are not able to distinguish these feelings in themselves and because of it suffer and/or come to confusion.

If this problem affects the teenager and his contemporary standing below on a teenage public ladder, the first will have most likely sense of guilt.

If he enters the conflict to someone above himself, it envy will own.

And, than the conflict is more serious, that envy of the teenager standing below will induce more strongly it to inspire in the rival sense of guilt.

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Children Fortunately, his parents and school teachers revealed a problem and helped it.

In education of the children similar to Mat, the crucial role is played by parental love.

Parents have to fill up the emotional capacity of the children daily.

Children with frustration of perception with great difficulty perceive positive emotions which are expressed in relation to them.

For this reason they need additional support which can be shown in love, physical contact and undivided attention from the people enjoying at them authority.

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