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They were

Meanwhile Yvonne was the attractive, clever, talented woman accurately and clearly stating the thoughts, but it was, seemingly, more pleasant to John to concentrate only on her shortcomings.They were married six years.Why such obvious injustice and inconstancy?When you reflect on the astronomical growth of number of stains, it is difficult to present that actually the majority newly married at the beginning of family life are full of optimistic hopes, grandiose plans and ardent love.

And to many

We often compare children, without understanding that comparison does not make sense here: the child simply treats this or that group.And to many children this act of their comparison with others seeming such innocent can do harm.Parents who operate the children, leaning on their sense of guilt, work in the worst way.Quite so Julia's parents arrived.And though it occurs inadvertently, in education such approach is the basic.Children who make the first group, are so full of desire to give pleasure to another that it is easy to crush them.

Let's leave

The child according to three pictures makes offers.Glory, firtree, squirrel.Klava, doll, dress.Danil, felttip pen, clown.Ruslan, magazine, shelf.Occupation result.Logopedist.Let's leave the Elephant and the Little squirrel, let them play.And our occupation came to an end.You observed today how the Elephant went on a visit, and often helped him.And what sound was the assistant at the Elephant?Child.Lll.

It is the hidden

Passive aggression is a distinguished form of aggression.It is the hidden way to work against other people or to manipulate them to achieve the.About people which behavior is characterized by passive aggression, sometimes say that they are strong the weakness because they resort to sideways to achieve the, to settle scores or to express about what they do not want to speak directly.It is not so difficult to give definition passive aggressively to behavior at all, and here hardly to reveal it to us, to parents, it is necessary to remember that not differently the bad behavior is manifestation of passive aggression.


Begin with teaspoons in hour evening feeding.If it is not enough, increase amount of mashed potatoes from prunes to teaspoons or even more.Some children from juice from prunes have spasms, but most of children well drink it and acquire.Chronic lock.This dysfunction of intestines seldom happens at children is more senior, especially, if their food includes porridges from grain of a rough grinding, vegetables and fruit.If the child has a lock, do not try to treat him independently as you do not know that caused it.

Thus you will

Before giving a small bottle to the child, cool it to body temperature.If you have no refrigerator.Boil each small bottle with milk before the feeding.For this purpose put a small bottle with milk about a pan with hot water and boil minutes.Then cool to body temperature and give to the child.Thus you will secure the child against disorder of digestion.How to feed from a pacifier The first few days after the birth.Usually the child is fed the first time in hours after the birth though it is possible earlier if it is obviously hungry.

But owing

The father can be disappointed that from his son the athlete and the fighter did not turn out, mother can regret that he badly studies.Of course, parents perfectly understand that the child cannot precisely correspond to their wishes.But owing to the human nature they can feed with nothing the equaled hopes and will be disappointed if these hopes are not realized.The child of advanced age can remind someone from relatives who made to us a lot of evil in due time.

We have

The person is not born with ability to cope with the anger.We, parents, have to take care of that our children when they grow up, had this ability.We have to teach them to express the feelings verbally, without allowing flashes in the form of any behavioural acts, and the main thing to teach them not to direct irritation in itself, differently over time they will turn into passive and aggressiveminded adults.The angry person cannot be active.He is not able to accept any authorities, including and spiritual.

But well

Use this situation to touch his hand, to stroke on a back.But well knowing the teenager, you have to feel how long he will be able to perceive it.Sometimes the teenager quietly treats physical contact, and sometimes he is simply not able to take out your touches.During such periods of rejection it is necessary to make physical contact, only when the teenager is keen on something and will not notice it.Even if his consciousness will not record your touch, it will be postponed in subconsciousness and subsequently will help it to feel the sure: Yes, mine mother and the father love me and are not indifferent to me, even when it is difficult for me to communicate with them.

It is necessary

Your speech has to be a sample for imitation.Basis of training is development of perception formation of abilities to listen attentively to the speech, to understand its contents, and also to concentrate, be adjusted on perception of the speech.It is necessary to remember the rule: It is impossible to speak in space.Is useless to speak until the child was adjusted on perception of the speech.At early age only positive evaluation of the work of children is given.Call each child on a name and praise it.

I think, there

Schooling methods.I think, there cannot be only the correct method to accustom the child to ask on a pot.That turns out at one parents, can not turn out at others, and, of course, that that is suitable for one child, can be harmful to another.At any method there can be failures.The main thing to define your own relation to a problem, the nobility as differently children react to this or that method, to wait for signs of readiness of the child for this type of training and then to use an encouragement method, but not censures.


Children knew that their leader was afflicted.They saw it on his face.And it should behave softly.Softness does not mean weakness.Softly means only constraining the forces or keeping them in store.Christ was allpowerful, but He always constrained the force.Quite so it is necessary to communicate with teenagers.On our party force and they know it, but we should not use it.As you can see, putting it on use, we get nothing as does not remain the reasons any more to respect us.

They scoop

In your house children acquire the main vital values.They scoop information not only from this that you speak, but also and from the untold.As an example they use not only that you do, but also that leave left unfinished.In your house children learn how much they mean to you, to God and for themselves.Please, help the children to learn that for you they are invaluable.Prove them it in word and deed.Direct all efforts to fill their emotional capacity.What is the anger?

Visual and physical

Only if your teenager really feels like certainly darling, you will be able to make on it due impact.Speak to it about the love, but besides he has to see and feel your love in practice, in acts and behavior, about what I already to a govorilransha.Visual and physical contacts have to enter your daily communication with children.But it is necessary that it occurred naturally, freely, here it is impossible to be false, change.The child or the teenager who grew up in the house where there were such relations and contacts always to budetchuvstvovat themselves comfortably as alone, and in the company of people.

The shape

Learning to stand and go, the child exercises the muscles helping to create the foot arch see the following section.The shape of feet depends on several factors, including heredity and existence of rickets a softening of bones from a lack of vitamin D.At some children of a foot are bent and in the absence of rickets.Especially well wellfad and active, strong children are subject to it.But, if at the child it is tended to bend feet and thus he will get sick with rickets, curvature of feet develops especially quickly and in strong degree.

It starts

And does not come to its mind that can be differently.Now it for it an important component of maternal love and care.If mother unexpectedly ceases to feed him, he will take offense and will become angry.It can eat days at all, and it is more, than any mother can sustain.It starts over again to feed him, but he already nursed on it a grievance.When mother once again tries to force it to eat independently, he understands the force and its weakness.The twoyearold child has to as soon as possible learn to eat independently.

The father

It is very important that at this time for the child there was a good leaving.When mother brings the child home.Usually return comes from maternity hospital very sumatoshno.The father fusses, trying to help, mother was tired, her thoughts are occupied by the newborn, and the senior child stands apart, feeling like all left.And so it is what, this new child!If you assume that so it also will be, it is better to send the senior child to this time for any excursion if it is possible.

But watch

But it does not mean that it is impossible to play with the child, bringing up him to a sitting position, or to put it on knees, or in a carriage to enclose a pillow that the child sat in inclined situation under a back.But watch that the back and a neck of the child were straightened.To the child harmfully long to remain in the hunched situation.High armchair.It is very convenient if the child eats behind a table d'hote.But children often fall from them.

The doctor

It is difficult to reach its back pass and besides his feet are in such situation that they can always hit mother on a hand unintentionally or purposely.Let you be not disturbed by a small difference in two the three tenth degree.The doctor is interested in approximate temperature.It is better to take temperature in the first half of morning and then at o'clock in the afternoon.Following question: how many days it is necessary to take the child's temperature.Here is how sometimes happens.

Though the sociopathy

As the passive and aggressive behavior the worst of ways of expression of anger was told above.Though the sociopathy including premeditated murders, much worse.But among teenagers it meets very seldom because it already pathology, and is not considered in this chapter.Slightly better when the person does not control the behavior at all, being in a rage attack, destroys everything around and/or is aggressive in relation to people around.It looks awful, but nevertheless the passive and aggressive behavior is worse.


What it is possible to tell about the spiritual party of the personality Deniza?Being the teenager, she went to church, visited youth groups and accepted Jesus Christ as Christ Redeemer.She was the approximate child but when went to school of the second step, refused to continue the spiritual training, having counted him as children's toys.However she still continued to visit church because wanted a praise from the parents, and they wanted that the daughter went there.We have to not only care carefully of spiritual life of children, components these percent, but also not to forget about their emotional, physical and psychological health.

She tests

The girl keeps a little apart, does not hurry to join in conversation; looks at mother very ironically, on her sobbing and exclamations fastidiously screws up the face.From conversation I learn: the girl suffers from frustration of mood.And, above all, it is very heavy to it to happen in public.She tests the strong tension and asthma every time when comes to occupations to institute; and it is especially difficult to pass examinations.It nevertheless overcomes these difficulties; gets on well at all subjects and behaves so that neither teachers, nor students of her sufferings do not notice: it is extremely reserved, correct and benevolent with strangers.

Only loving, we can help

Only this way it is possible to develop selfesteem in the child.Only in this case we will be able to reduce quantity of cases of illegitimate pregnancy among teenage girls.Yes, it really key to the solution of this problem.Only loving, we can help our children to become integral persons.We cannot close an eye to any aspects of their life and think that children will find a way out.The purpose of my book to tell parents as they can help the child to become the personality that, maturing, he inherited their spiritual priorities.

You not simply

Together with it as if the support of all its world falls.And that it is more surprising as many parents keep a family for the sake of children and plan to divorce as soon as those leave the house.It is extremely silly.You not simply cut the grass from under feet the teenager, you strike blow just when he desperately tries to get used to new life, new friends, etc.In most cases as a result of it on the young man the fault goes a heavy burden.As if strangely it sounded, but they feel responsible that happened, for unsuccessful marriage or for divorce.

Such children

Apathy has two most terrible consequences a depression and crime.Indifferent to all surrounding, teenagers easily become the victims of the disgraceful people exploiting them.Such children are especially subject to influence of those who not in frets with the law.As a result society becomes more and more embittered, and the irritation of people sometimes goes not only against youth authorities, but also against the authorities.For democratic society where safety relies on trust and feeling of a personal responsibility, it can be dangerous.

Time when

But, if openings are too small, the child will be tired and in general will refuse to suck.Openings in a nipple have to be such size that the child exhausted the portion of milk in minutes, at least in the first six months.Time when he really sucks means; intervals when he has a rest, are not considered.If your so strong child that exhausts the portion of milk in minutes even through a new pacifier, buy blind nipples, i.e.nipples without openings, and do openings the heated needle see section .

In each

As well protsentnik can be in any point of a curve, and his attitude towards authority can fluctuate from easy rejection before revolt.In each person his attitude towards authority is put.It is line of the personality with which he is born.The attitude towards authority can be somewhat changed by an environment and education of the child, but the main tendency will prevail all the same.This division is not connected in any way with diverse types of the personality which are so briskly discussed in certain circles today.

As today

When it occurs, the parishioner finds wrong motives for the desire to serve God.It puts itselfhimself above authority, that is the pastor, and undermines Christian service of the pastor and church in general.As today this phenomenon gains more and more wide circulation, we need spiritually mature Christians having clear thinking capable to protect the main service of church from intervention of superconscientious passive and aggressive Christians.Remember how pupils Jacob and Ioann approached Jesus with a request for special favor?

Wrong representation

Due to the seduction problem many parents test also the additional fears connected with homosexuality.Wrong representation is widespread that manifestation of too big love of mother to the daughter or the father to the son can result in homosexuality, but actually all just the opposite.Working at school as the psychiatrist and the psychotherapist, I often hear how teachers express concern about it.The teacher somehow asked me: Dr.Campbell!I so awfully love the daughter that very often I kiss her, and even sometimes on the lips.

Why to both

It has too suppressed mood to start family life.Why to both of you not to wait behind a door until I have a talk with Linda, I offered.In the corner of the room of expectation, having shriveled on a chair, Linda sat.Seventeenyearold and pregnant.Having approached it, I asked: Whether you will come to me?And why is also not present?After all they for this purpose here brought me.Having sat down on a chair in my office, she told, having frowned: I do not see any I pound from my arrival here.

Next time

I with pleasure would spank it properly!It was also not going to carry out the threats, but she was not ashamed to admit such thoughts to people around and herself.It became easier for it when she openly introduced the ideas.Next time she will try to stop resolutely the child when he starts behaving badly.The parents seeking to be faultless, probably, do not assume thought that the human patience is not boundless, and consider that should not dare to become angry.

And with

There is it or during the crisis periods of life, or in a stressful situation.And with teenagers, it is clear, more often than with others.Thirst of recognition and love of people around, aspiration to be in the public eye, in the center of attention, contrast of emotions, ekzaltirovannost and some redundancy of experiences and feelings whether is attributes of true feminity?However disproportion, inadequacy of similar emotions, characteristic for isteroidny accentuation, turned my patient into a general laughingstock, made the victim of some kind of school hazing.

They hallooed

Girls came to the wood, began to pick berries a tree for a tree, a bush for a bush, Snegurushka and lagged behind the girlfriends.They hallooed it, hallooed, but Snegurushka did not hear.Began to darken, girlfriends went home.And Snegurushka went, went on the wood, absolutely got lost.She understood that there was in the wood one, climbed on a tree, took seat on a branch and began to cry bitterly, in clover: Ay, hey, Snegurushka!Hey, hey, my dear!At the grandfather, at the grandmother There was a granddaughter Snegurushka, Her girlfriends enticed into the wood, Enticed left!

Scarlet fever, diphtheria, poliomyelitis

But others continue with pleasure there are such products.The mumps is shown in days after infection.Scarlet fever, diphtheria, poliomyelitis Scarlet fever.Usually it begins some of the following symptoms: throat inflammation, vomiting, high temperature, headache.Rash usually develops in days, at first on warm, damp skin sites: in a groin, in axillary hollows, on a back if the child lay in such situation.From some distance rash looks as uniform reddening but if to get accustomed, it is possible to see that it consists of red spots on the inflamed skin.

Not so long

Then there will be no need for demonstration of your force and the power.Not so long ago I listened to performance of one outstanding Christian figure about return of our children to a bosom of church.When my daughter was five years old, it began, she did not wish to go to Sunday school in any certain dress.So, you think, I made?I pulled on it this dress and forced to go in it.Then, it continued, when she was years old, and she decided, what she has no need to go more to Sunday school and church, you think how I coped with it?


The child carries out on lines, one them which connects a kitten to the owner fig..The kitten was delighted, began to run cheerfully round the girl: sha, shi, she, shu, sho.The child says syllables with the corresponding intonation.Occupation result.Logopedist.A uvula with Masha continue the walk, and it is time for us to finish occupation.And what Lea you so beautifully said today a sound on occupation?Child.Shshsh.Automation of a sound sh in syllables and words PURPOSES To fix an articulation and the isolated pronouncing a sound sh.

If this

In the relations with contemporaries teenagers often have situations which force them to have sense of guilt or envy.Unfortunately, most of teenagers are not able to distinguish these feelings in themselves and because of it suffer and/or come to confusion.If this problem affects the teenager and his contemporary standing below on a teenage public ladder, the first will have most likely sense of guilt.If he enters the conflict to someone above himself, it envy will own.And, than the conflict is more serious, that envy of the teenager standing below will induce more strongly it to inspire in the rival sense of guilt.


Fortunately, his parents and school teachers revealed a problem and helped it.In education of the children similar to Mat, the crucial role is played by parental love.Parents have to fill up the emotional capacity of the children daily.Children with frustration of perception with great difficulty perceive positive emotions which are expressed in relation to them.For this reason they need additional support which can be shown in love, physical contact and undivided attention from the people enjoying at them authority.

It is very

When it is possible to cease to sterilize ware and milk for the child.It is very important question and it is better to discuss it with your doctor.In case it is impossible, I want to stop in this regard on some questions.Four factors do necessary sterilization of ware and milk if you prepare milk for days: water may contain dangerous bacteria; bacteria can get to milk in the course of preparation; in the dairy environment of a bacterium breed very quickly, especially if milk is stored not in the refrigerator; small children are very subject to gastrointestinal diseases.

It is satisfied

In such absolute justice there is no need: moreover, the aspiration to such justice will make attention and love of children tense.The sincere love of parents for those qualities which are worthy love is necessary for each child.It is satisfied if feels that holds a firm place in heart of parents, and then him does not disturb, what signs of attention and love brothers and sisters receive it.But, eventually, it will always catch insincerity and stiffness in the relation to it of parents if it takes place.The aspiration to absolute equality in the treatment of children will draw attention of each of them to the rights and will force the child to insist on them with persistence of the lawyer.

By the time

Besides, he does not get on with contemporaries and therefore feels the isolated.By the time of achievement of teenage age he already suffers from serious behavioural and emotional frustration.MAT A few years ago one fine day I went for baseball competitions in which my son Dale took part.I recognized Mat, the team player of opponents.It and his parents consulted at me this year.In thirteen years he suffered from violation of perception and became a thunderstorm of all the district.

To you it is necessary

To you it is necessary to be constant on the alert that, using all opportunities, to teach the teenager to do the correct conclusions.The ordinary teenager, as a rule, cannot think abstractly at least till fifteen years, and only from this age he starts studying it.Therefore teenagers of younger and middle age are often sure that parents are wrong or ignorant of something; later, when process of thinking becomes more mature and the teenager finds ability to argue abstractly, he starts understanding the parents and to respect their opinions.

Prepare the following

Bathing in a tray.Before beginning bathing, be convinced that you prepared all necessary.If you forget a towel, you should follow it with the wet child on hands.Do not forget to remove hours.Put on an apron not to wet a dress.Prepare the following subjects: soap any not alkaline, a rag or vatu, a towel, vatu to clean a nose and the child's ears if there is a need, oil or powder if you use them, baby's undershirts, diapers.It is possible to bathe the child in the enameled basin or in a tray.

I advised

To them arrived to live the cousin of Tim, his agemate, very exacting and loud boy who absolutely killed the meek creature Tim.Tim so suffered from an impact of the brother who was completely suppressing it that was depressed, became isolated so that sometimes for days on end with anybody did not communicate.I advised to pay, of course, close attention to both boys, but separately.However the brother still continued to dominate over Tim when boys were together sharply.Then, following my advice, parents found the following a getout.


Yes, I with them was tender and friendly, I liked to play, have a good time with them.Sometimes I even spoke with them about some personal problems, but only for the purpose of development of their intelligence, but not for own benefit, not to shift to them the problems.I did not forget that I am their father and it is necessary for them that I was authority for them, sending them to lives that it was on kogoravnyatsya.If I ceased to carry out the father's duties and would not set them an example, however, as well as Pat after all she too had to be for them a sample, my children would not be happy.

They are inclined

There is a hostility and open disobedience not only to authority of parents, but also in general any authorities.They are inclined to a depression with all that it implies.It is even more terrible when they to annoy parents and in such a way to express the despair, uneasiness, anger, can accept to spite too high dose of insulin, it is too much carbohydrates in food and so forth.Many actually kill themselves in protest, overflowed with anger and hostile disobedience.Of course, there are also other reasons in this difficult illness which promote exasperation and destructive behavior of young patients.

If we manage

How you think, mother with the father already sleep?he whispered to the brother.I hope and, Al answered.Already o'clock in the morning, and to us allowed to be at home not later than eleven.If we manage to make the way through kitchen, without having crashed into a table, everything will be in order.Boys silently passed on a back porch, carefully opened a door and on tiptoe entered into kitchen.But when they were halfway, in the room light was suddenly switched on.

The child

The first that you probably offer is to put it into a diet.It sounds easily, but actually it at all not tak Remember adults who take the completeness hard and nevertheless cannot force to keep to a diet.The child has even less will power, than at the adult.If mother puts the child into a diet, it should or put all family on a diet, or to torment the child, having deprived of him food which on his eyes is eaten by all family and which he awfully wants.Very few fat children will be so reasonable to consider such situation fair.


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